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Our Services

Thornton Engineering provides design for commercial, municipal, residential and community projects.

Services and projects include:

•    Master plans
•    Site plans
•    Grading/paving plans
•    Underground facilities
•    Structural design
•    Detention basins
•    Stream flood studies
•    New street construction
•    Street rehabilitation
•    Parking lots
•    Storm drains
•    Sanitary sewers
•    Pavement section design
•    Water systems
•    Subdivisions
•    Custom residences
•    Bridges
•    Barns
•    Retaining walls
•    Waste water disposal systems
•    Ponds
•    Flood plain studies, letters of map amendments


Thornton-Daley Project Management
A construction project can be a complex undertaking involving countless steps and multiple partners. One mistake can hold up the entire project or add unnecessary costs and frustration.

Thornton-Daley will manage your project with professional business administration and management services to ensure an efficient and economical outcome. We keep everyone on the same page and ensure it is on schedule and on budget.

Some of the services we provide include:
•    Prepare and manage project scope, schedule and budget
•    Help select the project team, including land use planner, land use attorney, landscape architect, architect, surveyor, engineer, geotechnical engineer, architectural designer, environmental consultant, special consultants and inspecting and testing services.
•    Review all contracts, plans and documents from planning and design consultants including boundary & topographic surveys, tentative plan, environmental reports, land-use application and findings, preliminary construction plans, geotechnical report, final construction plans, final plat and contract documents
•    Coordinate information between the consultants and clients
•    Planning and design meetings
•    Expedite the submittal of applications, documents and plans to the appropriate agencies and utilities
•    Lead all steps of bidding process
•    Coordinate and conduct construction and periodic job site progress meetings
•    Construction observation throughout the project